Writing Resources

See below for some writing resources I have compiled for my writing seminars.

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Resources for Writing College Essays

Slide Decks

Reading for the Conversation, Part 1
Reading for the Conversation, Part 2
Quotation Sandwiches
The Art of Metacommentary
Practicing Metacommentary
Three Ways to Respond

Supplemental Handouts

Anatomy of Body Paragraph
Part of this handout was adapted from the exceptionally useful CUNY Composers website.

Identify, Locate, Synthesize
This activity is a teaching strategy I developed while teaching at the University of Massachusetts Boston to acclimate English language learners and STEM students to reading methods that at first glance appeared opaque and randomly applied.

Annotating Literary Criticism
As part of the Reverse Engineering a Citation exercise, I include a scanned version of how I annotate literary criticism to serve as an example. I then ask students to replicate similar marginalia and notes for the critical essays assigned next in the syllabus.

Reviewing a Sample Paper
This document accompanies the “Reviewing a Sample Paper” asynchronous lecture that I prepared for my first-year writing students. Please note that I received permission from the student who authored this paper to share this document publicly.

Asynchronous Lectures

Planting the Naysayer
Reviewing a Sample Paper*
* To be viewed with the following supplementary documents: Anatomy of Body Paragraph and Reviewing a Sample Paper

Classroom Activities

Reverse Engineering a Citation
Annotation Triathlon
Sample Quickwrite Prompt

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