Boston College supplementary application materials

Alexander Lowe McAdams, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander Lowe McAdams is a public humanist and scholar with a passionate, vested interest in inclusive pedagogy, writing across the curriculum, and teaching for transfer. In addition to her scholarly inquiry, Alexander boasts an extensive array of university and administrative experience that are directly applicable to leading and directing a First-Year Writing program, justifying its effectiveness to senior-level administrators, and maintaining a culture of inclusivity, equity, and access.

An executive summary of ALM’s professional and administrative experience.

Please use the links below to navigate to corresponding administrative roles and responsibilities.

Budgeting and Administration | Strategic Planning | Transferable Writing, Interdepartmental Course Design, and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration | Recruitment, Education, Training, and Assessment | Event Planning | Student Services, Mentorship, and Support

For ALM’s experience teaching and tutoring writing, see the links below.

The professional experience linked above and listed below has equipped me to found and run a pro-bono virtual writing center. Read more about it here.
Review my teaching record here.
Read my teaching philosophy here.
View a sample of writing resources that I have created and developed here.

Budgeting and Administration

Program Manager, Civic Humanist program, Rice University (2019-present)
  • Liaise with high-level administrators in Humanities Research Center
  • Coordinate and schedule programming with HISD educators and graduate fellows
  • Run bimonthly virtual progress check-ins and presentation feedback to ensure timely completion of projects
  • Manage ~$1,000 lunch budget for students’ visits to campus
Planning committee, English department symposium, Rice University (2016-2017)
  • Coordinated with team of colleagues to plan weekend-long symposium
  • Planned and coordinate with local vendors for team dinners (~$1,000 budget)
  • Arranged for travel and accommodations for invited speaker and ensured invited speaker received honorarium fee
  • Reviewed paper abstracts and organizing into coherent, themed panels
  • Created, managed, and updated symposium website
Coordinator, Renaissance Reading Group, Rice University (2015-2016)
  • Conferred with Rice faculty and students to schedule monthly meetings
  • Planned agenda and distribute readings
  • Managed $500 food/beverage budget across 6 meetings across academic year
Graduate Representative, English department, Rice University (2015-2016)
  • Collaborated with departmental administrators to plan visit weekend for 10-12 prospective Ph.D. students
  • Collaborated with local vendors to arrange for food/beverage on-campus delivery and off-campus meals during recruitment weekend
  • Strategized invitations and attendance for various weekend recruitment events (i.e., arranged for certain graduate students to meet with prospective students based on research interests, faculty advisors, or subfield specialty)
  • Arranged for prospective student transportation to/from campus over course of recruitment weekend
  • Planned, implemented, and guided bus tour of campus and surrounding Houston neighborhoods during recruitment weekend
  • Coordinated Q&A academic job panel with PhD candidates for prospective students
  • Coordinated faculty availabilities and plan faculty research panel
  • Fielded emails from prospective applicants about graduate life and research at Rice University
  • Managed entertainment budget (~$1,000) for first-year programming during fall and spring semesters
  • Managed food/beverage budget (~$2,000) across weekend-long recruitment programming
Office Administrator, Ninepoint Medical startup, Cambridge MA (2014)
  • Arranged and confirmed travel and accommodations for 50+ team members to a trade show in Chicago
  • Coordinated with VP of Marketing to plan, budget, and implement team dinners and cocktail receptions (~$10,000)
  • Ordered, prepared, and shippedoffice supplies for week-long booth setup at trade show
  • Oversaw, tracked, and confirmed shipment and receipt of proprietary medical devices across state lines
  • Assisted Clinical Project Manager with sorting, organizing, and codingdata analysis (primarily through MS Excel)
  • Managed daily operations and logistics of functioning office

Strategic Planning

Program Manager, Civic Humanist program, Rice University (2019-present)
  • Survey and assess interest in virtual format of CH program during COVID-19 disruptions
  • Consult with HISD educators on their curricular needs and plans for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Oversee transition from face-to-face program to remote-based format, including:
    • Attending intensive webinars on best practices for teaching and enhancing learning in remote settings
    • Translating best practices to team of graduate student fellows for successful implementation of virtual CH programming
    • Training graduate fellows in new learning technologies
    • Providing feedback on fellows’ asynchronous materials (i.e., slide presentation, visual communication, independent student activities) and synchronous lesson plans (i.e., live student participation, warm-up activities, and prompts for further consideration/discussion)
  • Manage rollout schedule of new remote material to meet HISD collaborators’ needs in timely fashion
  • Apprise senior-level administrators in Humanities Research Center of program’s strategic mission and goals for academic year
Secretary, Humanities Graduate Student Association, Rice University (2016-2017)
  • Worked collaboratively with rest of executive HGSA leadership to strategically plan and successfully implement three major campus-wide initiatives affecting Rice humanities graduate students:
    • Surveying and assessing ABD graduate student needs for on-campus workspace using Qualtrics survey software
    • Petitioning for official administrative policy change regarding on-campus cubicle workspaces to senior administrative officials, including Vice President for Administration and Interim Associate Dean of Humanities
    • Negotiating with graduate program directors to update grad-program handbooks to reflect new policy across School of Humanities
  • Planned and implemented diverse-careers forum that included long-term networking and freelance opportunities for participants

Transferable Writing, Interdepartmental Course Design, and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Instructor of record, Freshman Writing-Intensive program, Center for Academic and Professional Communications, Rice University (Fall 2019-present)
  • Coordinated and tailored curriculum to align specifically with FWIS program department objectives and outcomes
  • Designed Teaching for Transfer-style learning materials and assignments that students can use across disciplines and research backgrounds
  • Planned and implemented 13 writing workshops throughout semester both in-class and outside class
  • Developed assignments geared toward students with broad interests (e.g., assigned readings across a broad spectrum of genres: literature, poetry, cultural critique, features journalism, speeches, news reports, etc.)
  • Met with each student one-on-one at least four times over course of semester for progress check-ins
  • Prepared classes for evaluation by program administrators
  • Designed eye-catchingcourse promotional materials to recruit Rice University freshmen to topics-based, writing-intensive seminar
Graduate fellow, Passionate Teaching in the Research Environment: How to Create Meaningful Online Learning Experiences, Virtual Graduate Student Seminar Residency, National Humanities Center (July 2020)
  • Collaborated with interdisciplinary team of advanced graduate students to design, create, and present ArcGIS project that mapped social justice issues impacting local communities
  • Actively participated in webinars and lectures that attended to students’ educational needs during COVID-19 disruption
  • Learned and implemented new teaching technologies to implement for future remote-based learning courses
Instructor of record, Department of Modern and Classical Literatures and Cultures, Rice University (Fall 2018-Spring 2019)
  • Designed innovative new course content and syllabus for advanced New Latin seminar
  • Collaborated with tenured senior scholar in MCLC department to write course objectives and outcomes
  • Developed cross-disciplinary rubrics to assess student writing and critical thinking for group of students with diverse majors, career goals, and interests
  • Created hybrid teaching model with co-instructor by implementing inclusive teaching strategies and assessment criteria in traditionally hierarchical teaching setting
  • Designed eye-catching course promotional materials to recruit advanced Rice University classics students
Active participation, engagement, and/or employment in cross-disciplinary roles

Recruitment, Education, Training, and Assessment

Program Manager, Civic Humanist program, Rice University (2019-present)
  • Recruit new HISD educators and collaborators and maintain relationships with returning partners
    • Follow-up with past HISD collaborators to assess needs for future programming
    • Identify new partners by researching departments within individual HISD public schools (i.e., language arts, journalism, photography, history, social studies programs)
    • Network with current collaborators to assess direct curriculum needs, ensure alignment with curricular roles, and receive referrals for future programming
  • Onboard graduate fellows to new, remote-learning format of CH program
    • Create Slack channel for inter-team communication
    • Orient fellows to CH programming Slack channel
    • Collaborate with senior HRC admins and IT office to setup MS Teams accounts for fellows
    • Ensure fellows’ compliance with university risk-management requirements (e.g., background checks, working with minors training) and FERPA guidelines
    • Meet one-on-one with fellows for monthly check-ins
  • Educate and train graduate fellows on EdTech and office communication resources
    • Send clear instructions for upcoming deadlines arranged by priority with actionable, stepwise checklists (see an example of here)
    • Conduct de-hierarchized team meetings to train and develop fellows on various EdTech resources
    • Survey immediate and long-term needs of research and tech support for fellows’ curriculum development
    • Research and post useful resources and training videos to Slack channel
    • Share resources from NHC virtual residency
    • Train fellows on VoiceThread technology using share-screen function and provide ample time for questions, concerns, or additional context
  • Assess asynchronous presentations and synchronous lesson plans and curriculum
    • Implement evidence-based pedagogical research to assess fellows’ presentation drafts (i.e., Writing Center and Universally Designed Learning best practices, Teaching for Transfer techniques, principles of backward design, etc.)
    • Ensure presentations meet basic accessibility requirements, including transcripts, closed captioning, and short curricular summaries for HISD educators
    • Comment on slide design and presentation using best practices for Visual Communication
    • Review and make final readiness decision on all curriculum content before public release

Event Planning

Job/Program Manager, Civic Humanist program, Rice University (2019-present)
  • Coordinate between graduate fellows and HISD educators for CH programming
  • Order and facilitate lunch deliveries from local vendors
  • Collaborate with Moody Center for the Arts staff to schedule docent-led tours of campus art galleries
  • Provide campus tours to visiting high school students
  • Set up and shut down classroom technology (both virtual and in-person) Field any last-minute questions from fellows
  • Introduce program purpose and fellows to students
  • Manage and file receipts and invoices to HRC accounting software
Planning Committee, Sixth-Year Lecture Series, English department, Rice University (Fall 2019)
  • Collaborate with program cohort to schedule date, time, and location for annual fellowship lecture series
  • Gather paper titles, headshots, and accompanying media to create promotional fliers
  • Hang and distribute fliers throughout English department office and classrooms
  • Coordinate with grad program admin and draft content-specific promotional emails and reminders to distribute to two separate populations: current graduate students and English department faculty
  • Set up and shut down technology, lighting, and AV in lecture hall 
Secretary, Humanities Graduate Student Association, Rice University (2016-2017)
  • Created and implemented networking event on diverse careers
    • Executed budgeting, logistics, and room reservations for networking event
    • Arranged for career guidance expert to visit Rice University campus and give keynote address and workshop
    • Orchestrated honorarium payment, flights, and accommodations for keynote speaker
    • Oversaw day-of operations, including room selection and technology/AV setup
  • Attended monthly HGSA meetings and strategized future events and receptions
    • Kept detailed minutes of meetings
    • Designed, created, and updated website
    • Worked closely with HGSA president to meet with campus administrators in order to implement major initiative: granting each student a dedicated space to work on campus
  • Planned welcome back reception with HGSA President and Treasurer (~60 attendees, including faculty, graduate students, and interim dean)
    • Budgeted food and beverage allowance
    • Worked with School of Humanities administrators to book meeting space
    • Wrote and distributed broadcast emails to publicize event
Planning Committee, English department symposium, Rice University (2016-2017)
  • Coordinated day-of logistics for weekend-long conference for group of ~50 attendees
  • Scheduled large, off-campus dinner for keynote speaker and small group of graduate students
  • Ensured campus and off-campus events stayed within confines of budget (~$2,000)
  • Designed and executed media campaign to publicize conference around campus (i.e., posters, brochures, broadcast emails)
  • Served as designer and webmaster for conference website and managed communications from visiting presenters
Office Administrator, Ninepoint Medical startup, Cambridge MA (2014)
  • Staffed major weeklong industry tradeshow in Chicago, IL (50+ Ninepoint employees; 15,000+ total in attendance)
  • Arranged out-of-state travel and accommodations for 50+ employees for tradeshow
  • Planned and coordinated large team dinners, staff meetings, and customer cocktail receptions during tradeshow week
  • Managed $10,000+ budget and accounts payable for large team dinners and customer cocktail receptions during tradeshow week
  • Processed accounts payable receipts from tradeshow upon return to office
  • Arrange and coordinate food and beverage refreshment for monthly investor meetings
  • Arrange and coordinate food and beverage refreshment for monthly team lunches
Interim Development Communications Coordinator, Harvard Law School Alumni Center (Fall 2013)
  • Staffed two major weekend-long Harvard Law School Reunions: Celebration 60: Women Transforming Our Communities and the World (attendance: 600+ alumnae)  and HLS Reunion 2013 (attendance: 750+ alumni)
  • Built, edited, and distributed batch broadcast email reminders of events in preceding weeks
  • Collated documents of important donors for HLS Dean and support staff
  • Maintained website updates in weeks directly preceding events
  • Moderated breakout panels and covered events for web and media promotion
  • Copyedited and proofread various Development Office media and brochures

Student Services, Mentorship, and Support

Invited Guest, How to College: First Gen podcast, Houston, TX (upcoming project)
  • Invited to guest on grassroots podcast about first-generation students’ college experiences (release date of episode TBD)
Pro Bono Writing Consultant, Self-Employed, Virtual Writing Center (January 2014-present)
  • Mentor and support nontraditional applicants to graduate and professional programs
  • Build confidence in clients through three-prong mentoring approach:
    • Apply Writing Center best practices, peer-tutoring techniques, and principles of backward design to create iterative writing activities that hone application materials
    • Assist clients in techniques to address and mitigate imposter syndrome by emphasizing narrative voice, unique perspective, and personal story
    • Teach project management strategies to divide the application process into short- and long-term goals and deadlines
Guest Editor, Shift Press, Institute of Engagement, Houston, TX (Fall 2020-present)
  • Volunteer with Houston-area nonprofit that mentors local high school students to take responsible ownership of their communities
  • Evaluate and select pitches from local high school students for Shift Press online publication
  • Mentor high schoolers in their storytelling techniques and in developing narrative style
  • Encourage young writers to take ownership of their ideas and narrative voice
Invited Speaker, Our Voices for Inclusive Classics Pedagogy, Columbia University (February 2020)
  • Invited to give lecture at classics conference focusing on inclusive pedagogy, equity, access, and diversity in secondary and post-secondary education
  • Lectured about inclusive pedagogical strategies for teaching exclusionary content (e.g., sexual violence in the college classroom) in the college classroom:
    • How to design inclusive, de-hierarchical discussion environment
    • How to use Teaching for Transfer techniques to combine traditional Latin education with topics related to social justice, inclusion, and the politics of reception studies  
    • How to leverage traditional research methods and classroom management techniques to discuss contemporary social and cultural issues in ancient texts

These administrative roles and responsibilities in the university setting have equipped me to start a virtual, pro-bono writing consultation service.

I run this virtual writing center by implementing the same peer-reviewed practices and techniques used across the country in university writing centers.

Alex made me feel capable. Even though Alex’s field is very different from my own, her knowledge of higher education was indispensable to my application process. “The hidden curriculum” would have remained hidden without her.

Erin M.

Alex is an incredibly gifted mentor and writing coach. The feedback she has given me on my personal statements and cover letters goes above and beyond that of anyone else I’ve ever worked with. Her tireless attention to detail, patience, and unique insight into the application process helped me write the powerful personal statement that got me into graduate school and I could not be more grateful for all of her support.

Patricia Weidler

Alex supported me by helping piece together my scattered thoughts into a piece of art for my PhD scholarly essay. She was committed to teaching me strategies to craft how my research interest, my professional goals, and my personal accomplishment will demonstrate my passion for the immigrant Latino population’s health.

Mari Trajo